About Boudoir Photography

What are Boudoir Portraits?

Intimate portraits that capture the beauty and femininity of the female body. They can be soft, sensual, romantic photos, sexy and seductive, or a mixture of both! We also do Couples Boudoir, and Maternity or "Boudoir Bump" Photoshoots. Prices for these are the same as regular photoshoots.

Reasons Women Get Boudoir Photos

To boost your confidence, a special intimate gift for a loved one, to celebrate a landmark birthday such as 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th Birthday, a pre wedding gift for your fiance, pre pregnancy photoshoot to capture your body before it changes, pregnancy photos to capture your special bump, couples boudoir photoshoot to celebrate your love, after an illness- celebrating your new lease of life, after a separation or divorce- to begin to move on, trying something new and boosting your confidence. The reasons are endless!

What Happens On The Day?

You will be greeted with a glass of bubbly, or other refreshment. We will have a look through our makeup portfolio to decide what look to go for. Our professional makeup artist will complete your makeup and hair, including false eyelashes or individual eyelashes. Making sure you are 100% happy with everything before we finish.

We will then discuss what kind of photos you would like to go for, or if you wish you can leave it up to the photographer to decide. You will then be brought into the studio to have a look at our vast wardrobe selection in sizes 6 to 26. You can also show us any outfits you have brought with you. A selection of outfits will be suggested for you, and you are given privacy to try them on and peruse the rest of the wardrobe. We will then help you to decide on the final 5 outfits for the photoshoot.

During the photoshoot the photographer will show you exactly how to pose in each photo, where to look, when to smile, fix you hair and make sure everything is perfect. We will show you some photos so you can see how they are turning out as we take them. We will leave the studio in between outfit changes.

What all of our 2,000 clients to date have in common is..

..that they all came into Secret Boudoir a little nervous about what to expect and with some body hang ups. We are our own worst critics and constantly compare ourselves to celebrities and models in magazines. With our award winning makeover and photography team we will let your full beauty potential shine through. We are experts at what we do and guide you through the entire process from start to finish, and know the outfits and poses that will suit every body type. The hardest part of the process will be choosing the photos, as there will be so many you love!

Important Points

  • After your photoshoot, your gallery will be ready to view approximately 1 week later.
  • We will email you on a link to view your private web gallery that only you will have access to.
  • Your gallery will be available for 3 weeks online, and then removed.
  • We will also email you contact sheets (12 photos per A4 page, that are watermarked) that you will be able to print off and keep as a memento, and they are also useful for helping to decide what photos to choose.
  • A CD of images is not included in the price of the photoshoot. You can choose to buy a CD at extra cost if you wish (see shop for prices)
  • When you decide what photos you want, you email the list back to us, and specify what level of retouching you would like (minimal, the full works etc, you can make individual notes on each photo if you like)
  • We will then upload the retouched photos for you to view before printing to make sure you are happy with them.
  • Your photos will be ready for collection/ postage approximately 2 weeks from the date you email us back your selection.
  • From the date of your photo shoot to when photos are ready takes approximately 3 weeks. Please factor this in if you need them by a certain date.
  • If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Prepeartion Tips For Your Photoshoot

The Day Before

  • Exfoliate and Moisturise
    Have your skin soft and glowing for the photoshoot. Make sure to moisturise face and body the morning of the photo shoot also.
  • Fingernails and Toenails
    Having well presented fingernails and toenails will add to your photos. A manicure and pedicure is not essential, but a splash of nail polish will do the trick.
  • Hair
    Wash your hair the night before the photo shoot (unless you hair tends to be oily/greasy- then wash morning of shoot), it makes it easier for us to style. If you wash your hair the morning of the photoshoot, chances are if you want curls, they won't hold.
  • Tanning
    Its fine to come in with a fake tan, but please be aware you will be charged extra to retouch photos to fix streaky, patchy fake tan. It will be €5 extra per photo to fix streaks and dry patches, and €10 extra per photo to rectify orange hands and feet. So please be careful when applying fake tan. For best results just get a light or medium tan, be careful of hands and feet, and moisturise well the morning of your photoshoot. If you arrive wearing Sally Hansen tan (or any tan that rubs off on clothes) you will not be allowed to wear any of the outfits in the studio (as it has ruined outfits in the past)
  • Ideas
    If you have specific ideas of photos you would like to recreate, feel free to bring along some photos from magazines, our website or from other websites. Some ladies arrive with 50 to 60 photo ideas/poses which can get confusing, so try to narrow it down to your favorites.

The Day Of The Photoshoot

  • Energy
    Make sure to eat a light breakfast or lunch before you come in. You will be here for 3 hours and posing can be tiring work (doesn't sound like it, but you will be tired by the end!) And you don't want to run out of steam before the photo shoot is over.
  • Leave Early
    Don't let yourself get stressed out by having to rush to make your appointment. You want to arrive relaxed and chilled, not stressed and flustered. There is a map on the website for directions and we have loads of free parking outside.
  • Nerves
    If you are feeling nervous, check out the media section on our website, for videos and what past clients had to say! Feel free to bring along a friend for moral support also (max 2 friends).
  • Face
    Arrive with little or no make up, it makes the make up artists job a little easier to start with a clean canvas.
  • Clothing
    Arrive wearing loose clothing to avoid marks on your skin. Sock, bra and watch marks for example can take a few hours to go.

What To Bring

  • Shoes
    Bring along 2 to 3 pairs of shoes. Blacks heels, then maybe 2 other different colours (red or pink can work well) and white if you are getting some Bridal Boudoir Photos. Bring a selection of shoes if you are not sure which to bring, and I can advise you.
  • Underware
    Secret Boudoir have a large wardrobe of outfits to choose from, but we don't provide bra's and pant's. I would advise to bring along 2 to 3 sets. One set in a white or pastel colour, one set black or dark colour and one bright set ie red, purple or pink. Penneys are fab for picking up cheap sets. Don't forget stockings also.
  • Outfits
    We have a large selection of outfits to choose from (from babydolls, lace negligee, corsets, basques, leather corsets, novelty items such as maids outfit, nurses outfit, police womans outfit etc) but feel free to bring along a selection of your own outfits also.
  • Ideas
    If your fella is into sport, bring along his team jersey for some sexy photos. You could bring a rugby ball or football for fun poses. Some girls bring things like Comics or his favorite book to pose with (positioned strategically) I have men's shirts and ties in the wardrobe.
  • Brides
    If you are getting married, and would like some Bridal Boudoir style images, bring along your wedding shoes, garter and veil. If you are worried about getting your veil spoiled don't worry I have veils in the studio also if you would prefer to use them. Also bring in your bridal underwear.

After The Photoshoot

  • Gallery
    Your private password protected gallery will be ready for viewing within 1 week of your photoshoot. Allow 3 weeks in total from the date of your photoshoot to when your photos are ready. Its an additional charge of €50 to have photos ready within 7/10 days.
  • Notice
  • Anything else?
    Any other questions - please feel free to ask.

Retouching & Airbrushing

Retouching is included on all photos.

  • Converting to Black and White or partial colour
  • Airbrushing the Skin
  • Removing - blemishes, freckles, moles, dark circles
  • Discolouration on the face or discolouration from stretch marks
  • Small scars and tattoos
  • Minor body shaping

Examples of Retouching

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