Christmas and The Boudoir Photo

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year (besides my birthday and carnival in Brazil). I love the energy going around.

In my opinion, the holiday time, is a time to renew, to start over, it is time for forgiveness, time to forget mistakes and give a chance to new things and new ideas.

It is a little bit like the Boudoir Photography Experience. The Boudoir Experience is that chance for a woman to renew, to take a fresh and empowering look at herself. It is a chance for her to see herself with new/other eyes. It is a chance to forgive herself for all negative thoughts and harsh words towards herself. It is a chance to start a new relationship with herself.

I hope this time of the year also brings you the same idea of renovation, forgiveness and love.

I will leave you here with some words from a past client.

‘I just wanted to tell you, THANK YOU. You are a wonderful person, not only as a professional, but as a person. You helped me MUCH to feel good, to see myself different. I was afraid to take a picture at a birthday party before, can you imagine it ?!! But when I’m shooting with you, it feels like the world stops around and I feel like someone else, I feel great! I am very demanding of myself and others, but you always make me comfortable and confident. You really help me a lot with my confidence and self esteem! You do magic! Loved our photo shoot. I want to do a lot more.’ Miss J.

Love and happy holidays!