The Boudoir Experience


boudoir experience

Relax and be pampered as you are guided through your Boudoir Photography experience from the moment you enter the door, by our friendly all female team. Sip a glass of bubbly as we give you the celebrity treatment of a full makeover, hairstyling and false eyelashes.

Your stylist/photographer will then discuss outfits with you and guide you through our selection, helping you choose some outfits to try on. We will give you full instruction on how to pose for each photo during the photoshoot. Your final selection of photos will be airbrushed as per your specifications.

Meet the team

Waneska Valois - Photographer / Owner

Waneska Valois is a Brazilian photographer with 12 years experience (weddings, couples, families, kids and anything) who 4 years ago found Boudoir Photography and fell in love it changing the course of her life. She has empowered women all around the world, including Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Ireland where she is based.
She has a Degree in Social Communications with a focus in Marketing which brings a different perspective to her photography and the way she connects with clients. She is quite excited about the challenge of taking over Secret Boudoir, a stabilised brand with the Edel Kelly in front of it for 8 years, but she is up for the challenge and will continue to empower women all over Ireland and the UK.

Taina - Make up Artist

Tainá Vasconcelos is an experienced Makeup Artist based in the lovely city of Dublin. Although she has a degree in Journalism, the love for makeup was bigger and she's been working as a makeup artist since 2012.
This included working in direct contact with amazing women in a well-branded cosmetic shop - called Boticario. Her background includes experience in photo shoots, social events and bridal make up. She has a passion for accentuating the natural beauty of us ladies and making them feel more beautiful and confident.

Lilian Nira - Marketing

Lilian is a Digital Marketing Specialist and has been working with Waneska Valois since 2016. She developed the website and supports the company in all marketing projects. Her biggest speciality is the love and dedication she has for the marketing trade and her continuous support for female entrepreneurs that rise the ranks of the modern business world. From her the inspiring words, " I believe in woman empowerment and I am honoured to be part of this fantastic empowering team".