5 ideas to Gift your Valentines

Valentine’s day is around the corner so I decided to put together a few ideas to help you celebrate it. I am not a big fan of buying material gifts, specially being with someone for so many years it gets … Read More

Be Bold was 2019 mantra

First of all I would like to thanks every single women that passed in front of my camera this year. All of you showed me how to be beautiful, brave, feminine, strong and a lot more. Thank you for the … Read More

Christmas and The Boudoir Photo

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year (besides my birthday and carnival in Brazil). I love the energy going around. In my opinion, the holiday time, is a time to renew, to start over, it is time … Read More

Bump Boudoir

I’ve been talking a lot about Boudoir Photography in general for a long time and the power it has on women’s lives, how it boosts anyone’s confidence, how important it is to create time for yourself and focus on you.But … Read More

October Pink

No better way to start my blog than on October Pink to celebrate the victories of so many Brave Women. I have a very personal ‘relationship’ with Cancer. It took my father, my grandmother and my grandfather from us. I … Read More

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