October Pink

No better way to start my blog than on October Pink to celebrate the victories of so many Brave Women.

I have a very personal ‘relationship’ with Cancer. It took my father, my grandmother and my grandfather from us.

I also had a scary moment 2 years ago when I found a lump on my right breast and I remember from the moment I found it to the day I got the results I wasn’t myself. I was nervous, my anxiety was picking, mood swings.. I felt everything you can imagine. I was ready to catch a flight back to Brazil if the results said I had Cancer. I only told my family when I got the results and I was told I didn’t need to worry.

I was lucky… very lucky!!


I wanted to share with you the beautiful photos from Cathy a beautiful soul, yoga teacher, brand ambassador for the Look Good Feel Better. An Irish charity using the power of make-up to change lives.

The place got brighter from the moment she got in the studio. She was full of ideas and outfits. We took our time to choose what she was going to wear. During the photo shoot she was full of life and followed directions very well. I am quite proud of the photos we created together.

Her make up was done by the amazing Taina

BUT before… I want to share, as we are celebrating October Pink a very interesting video (social media safe – no female nipples 😛 ) explaining how to do your monthly self examination.

For all the ladies going through the battle or the ones that already won it I would like to offer a 50% discount on any of my packages. You can see the packages and prices here . (Valid until 20/11/2019)

Please send me an email if you want more info waneska@boudoir.ie

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  • Oh wow
    I love the blog and your story ! It’s a great way to get the message across of self examination and self care. I really love my photos and I have such an amazing time in your studio I would recommend to anyone who has had their spirit knocked by life’s journey. It is such an uplifting experience with a beautiful gentle very talented Waneska.

    Love and Light
    Cathy Xxxx

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