‘This photoshoot opened up that connection which had been cut off’

October Pink

‘A few days after my double mastectomy I was in the hospital bathroom, slumped over on a stool, I was in agony and shocked at what had happened to me. The nurse who was tending to me was called Robin. She washed me and took care of me, she was my shining light. On this day she admitted to me that she too had Breast Cancer, 17 years prior. She empathised with me and said ‘yes you feel like shit right now, it’s all about the medical aspect, you’ve got everyone coming in and looking at your breasts, checking them and making sure you are progressing as expected, they don’t feel like they are yours, they belong to them not you, but one day honey, you’ll get them back, your breasts will be yours again”.’

Kay told me that with tears in her eyes .. I cry with everything so my eyes where watery too and she finished by saying … ‘And do you know what it’s taken all this time to get there, this photoshoot opened up that connection which had been cut off.’

Moments like this really shows me how my job is important and drives me to move forward and empower even more women.

Her make up was done by the amazing Taina ( @taimakeupartist )

When I asked Kay what she thought about the make up and about Taina she said…. ”Taina listened to me about what I liked and didn’t like, she checked at each stage if I was ok with what she was doing, she also guided me and made me feel at ease, plus she’s a wee gem, we had a fun time.”


Her photos are beautiful. They mean a lot to her and they mean a lot to me .. I hope it brings you a big smile too.

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