I’ve been looking at myself all weekend in the pictures and I just can’t believe how sexy the pictures look. that bottom does not belong to me!!! how am I one suppose to choose one picture to have blown up?!! I’ve been friends on facebook with your page for a while now and kept saying to myself will I wont I and I’m so glad I did from the minute I walked in I was greeted with a warm friendly atmosphere I was a little early as I came by train from Leitrim but we chatted then I sat up and had my make up done and I’m not a person who ever wears make up so I was a little nervous about this but I have to say I was more than delighted with how I looked , Then onto the photo shoot I felt so comfortable an not for one minute did I feel nervous you made me feel at ease the whole way through.. Thank you all for such a wonderful experience I’m so glad I decided to come and have this done. Every woman should do this treat yourself ladys!! Now the hardest part is to choose the photos!! Thanks again xxx