I am not a model, the women on your website look like models… Can I do this?

The answer is YES! The women on my website are not models and they also had the SAME doubts you are having right now. I have more than 10+ years of experience photographing women. I know what I am doing. You can trust me! You will also look like a model.

You don’t have to know what you are doing in the slightest. I will direct you every step of the way, from helping you prepare for your photoshoot with wardrobe tips, to posing head-to-toe. You just need to show up and TRUST ME.

How far in advance should I book?

The rule of thumbs is at least 5 weeks in advance. WHY!? It takes a week for you to see your photos after the photoshoot and another 2 weeks for the final product to be ready, BUT sometimes I can accommodate urgent cases – depending on the urgency a fee would be applied. For availability and questions please get in touch waneska@boudoir.ie

How much does it cost? How much should I expect to spend?

On average most of my clients spend around €450+.

The basic package is €185, which includes one A4 print (and the same photo in Digital). But, to be honest, no one comes in for only one photo and they end up upgrading to a bigger package… YES!!! When they see the photos they are so surprised they can’t get only one photo.

You can learn more about prices and packages here.

When and How will I select my photos?

We have 2 options for you… You can come back to the studio for a viewing session and I help you to choose your photos and/or products OR I can send you a private online gallery (with a password and watermark on the photos) for you to choose the photos on your own. Both options will be a week after your photo experience.

I am a very private person. Will my photos be published?

I respect my client’s privacy 100%. No photo is published on my website or social media without my clients (or models, by a model I mean women who pose for me in exchange for photos when I need content to show my work)) giving me permission by signing a model release. Most of the printing is done in house, but I also have some very professional trusted suppliers for special products like the wall art and High end (weeding like) albums. If you are not coming to the studio for your viewing, instead you will get the online watermarked gallery to choose your photos and the password for that gallery is sent on a separate email and only you will have access to it.

It always makes me happy when a client allows me to publish their photos as It helps me to empower other women however I don’t pressure you at all to allow me to use your photos. It is totally up to you!

I gift the client 1 digital photo (the photo I would use – we choose the photo together)

Where will my Boudoir Session take place? Do you have a Studio?

Yes! I do have a beautiful studio located on 68 Dame Street D2, 4th floor, right in the middle of Dublin town.

What should I wear?

This is probably the most popular question I get….and the answer is simple…whatever you feel beautiful in.  A bodysuit, an oversized sweater, cropped sweatshirt and high waist panties, a robe, a sleepshirt…anything you feel comfortable in. Some clients opt for lingerie. And many clients choose to do a nude set during their session.  In a 1-2hours photo session, you will typically have time for up to 5 “looks” or outfits (“nude” counts as an outfit)! Don’t stress too much about wardrobe. I could (and have!) spend an entire hour shooting a client with no other wardrobe than the bedsheets and the photos look amazing! 

For more info make sure you check out www.boudoir.ie/info .. Here you will also find info on how to get ready for your photo session.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes! Of course, you can bring a friend with you.

Please make sure your friend is a good friend .. you know what I mean! 😀 The last thing you want is a jealous friend ruining your experience.

I do ask your friend do not to interfere with the photoshoot in any way – no directing, touching up, etc – as I am there to guide you throughout the whole experience.

PS. Due Covid19 regulations companions are temporarily not allowed. Thanks for your understanding. 

How much retouching do you do!? What is your policy about Photoshop/Editing?!

I wish we lived in a world where women didn’t think about editing or didn’t want to be retouched BUT I totally understand if you want me to retouch your photos (to any extent).

I am a professional totally capable to make the photos look like from a magazine so you don’t need to worry about the little bits you don’t want to show and you will be able to add comments to each photo telling me exactly what you want me to edit.

Please discuss with me if there is anything specific you want me to change.

Do you photography men?

No! I don’t offer a Boudoir Experience for men. I do however photograph couples.

I am also not prepared to offer the experience to T-girls.