What to expect from the Boudoir Experience?

The Boudoir Experience is not only about the photos. This is an experience every woman should have at least once in their lifetime. It is a chance for you to take a fresh and empowering look at yourself, a chance to look at yourself through someone else’s eyes as we only see sections, especially the bad bits when we look in the mirror.

The photos are a great reminder of the amazing woman you really are so during those bad days, we all have, you can look at them and remind yourself how amazing you are. The photos show you that bad days are just part of the process of life and you can also be amazing whenever you want.



What we believe...

Our Vision:
  • To empower women

Our Mission:
  • To empower every woman through my photography

Our Values:
  • Guarantee 100% privacy
  • No judgement
  • Compassion
  • Provide the best service always

On the day

You will be greeted with a glass of bubbly, or another refreshment. We will have a chat with the Make-Up Artist to decide what look to go for.

Then our professional makeup artist will complete your makeup and hair, including false eyelashes or individual eyelashes. Making sure you are 100% happy with everything before we finish.

We will then discuss what kind of photos you would like to go for, or if you wish you can leave it up to me to decide. In relation to the outfits, you will bring your own outfits, but don’t stress about it. On my Prep Guide, I will send to you in your confirmation email, you will have a whole section explaining what to bring and I am also available to answer all your questions.

During the photo shoot, I will show you exactly how to pose in each photo, where to look and when to smile, fix your hair and make sure everything is perfect.

We will show you some photos so you can see how they are turning out as we take them. We will give you privacy in between outfit changes.


Secret Boudoir has a wardrobe of outfits to choose from, but we don't provide bras and pants. I would advise bringing along 2 to 3 sets. One set in a white or pastel colour, one set black or dark colour and one bright set, i.e. red, purple or pink. Penneys are fab for picking up cheap sets. Don't forget stockings also.


If you are getting married and would like some Bridal Boudoir style images, bring along your wedding shoes, garter and veil. If you are worried about getting your veil spoiled don't worry I have veils if you would prefer to use them. Also, bring in your bridal underwear.


Bring along 2 to 3 pairs of shoes specially if you love shoes. Blacks heels, then maybe 2 other different colours (red or pink can work well) and white if you are getting some Bridal Boudoir Photos. Bring a selection of shoes if you are not sure which to bring, and I can advise you. We also have some available for you to choose.


If your fella is into a sport, bring along his team jersey for some sexy photos. You could bring a rugby ball or football for fun poses. Some girls bring things like Comics or his favourite book to pose with (positioned strategically) I have men's shirts and ties in the wardrobe.


We have a selection of outfits to choose from (from babydolls, lace negligee, corsets, etc) but we always suggest you bring along a selection of your own outfits to make it more personal too.


Why not enhance your experience with some accessories? Bring your sunglasses, hats, necklaces and other jewellery that you use to wear. It will give a touch of personality and shows more about the real you.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for your boudoir shooting


It is important to get a good night rest the night before your shoot. This will ensure you have plenty of energy to focus on posing and having fun at your session. It also decreases the chance of having under eye circles.


Be very careful when applying fake tan, as your skin might look blotchy and patchy. Whether you use spray or creams, the result would be the same. If this happens, we will need to do post-production, and it might cost extra. Natural and moisturized skin always looks better.


Make sure you drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your session. Water flushes toxins from your body making your skin look healthier and also helps shed extra water weight. Moreover, it is a good idea to avoid alcoholic beverages the night before your shoot.


If you plan on having grooming services done, please do them at least 3 days before your session. This ensures that all red bumps or reactions are at a minimum. If you plan on having your hair cut or dyed please do so at least a week in advance to ensure you have time to repair any mistakes that may occur.


(Skin and hair) Please, arrive at the studio with clean and dry hair and skin. Your session includes hair and makeup. This will ensure the best and most timely results with your styling. If you are prone to oily hair and skin, then please wash them the morning of your shoot and arrive with hair dry.


Please, be sure to arrive at your session no earlier or later than your designated time. It is important to be on time to make sure the day moves smoothly and that your session is not cut short because of tardiness. We prefer for our clients to be relaxed and not worried about time.

The Secret Boudoir Studio

Our studio is located in the heart of Dublin, right on Dame Street.
Everything is designed to make sure our girls are pretty comfortable and at their best.

Wardrobe Ideas

1. Corsets, stockings, and heels are great for shaping the body and accentuating the breasts.

2. Silk gowns or robes are perfect for a softer and more romantic look.

3. Cut off tank tops or crop tops are great to show off a toned mid-section.

4. Garter belts and stockings are perfect to make any outfit (or even alone) a little sexier. Bra and panty sets are simple but playful.

5. A man’s dress shirt can be very sexy, and if you can find one that fits closer to your size, even better!

6. Long necklaces with jeans.

7. A white sheet. Sometimes less is more and who knows what you’re wearing under there...

8. If you are not comfortable with underwear or nudity, you can bring dresses, skirts and any other piece you like

9. Confidence and a smile!

What our clients have to say about us? 

Women are all very similar... more than we think. Every woman that I’ve photographed were a little nervous about what to expect. We are our worst enemies, usually saying things to ourselves that we would never say it to anyone else.

The pressure from the Fashion and Beauty industry surely doesn’t help. But with our experienced team, you are in good hands. We always give our 100% to make sure you leave our space feeling the most beautiful women in the world. By the end of the experience every woman says it was easier and a lot more enjoyable than they thought.    

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