Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy, and personal information is exactly what it is; all yours.

You share your information with Secret Boudoir by Valois when you order something or contact us. But we can imagine that you would like to know why we ask for your personal information and what we do with it. We’re more than happy to tell you about this here.


Secret Boudoir by Valois only uses the personal data that you provide directly. This may be because of a product or service you have ordered.

We use the following data:

– First and last name of the buyer
– Company name (optional) if you are buying on behalf of a company
– Billing address;
– Phone number;
– E-mail address;
– Payment information;
– IP address.

You can also register as a (regular) customer first. In addition to your specified personal data, we also save the username you have chosen. This is useful because it will save you the trouble of having to enter your data every time. Our portal also allows you to enter and adjust these settings yourself.

2. Security

We protect all the information you provide us with the most modern techniques. After all, you do not want your data to suddenly be out on the street. We do not allow anyone that has nothing to do with your data access to it. Should it be necessary that we share the data with other companies (read THIRD PARTIES), then we require such a company to handle the data just as carefully as we do. Those companies may also only use the data for the purpose for which it was given.

3. Storage periods

We keep personal data as long as necessary to process your order. We then store the data for a maximum of two years for our purposes. The data will then be erased unless the law requires us to keep it longer. For example, the law obliges us to keep payment records for seven years.

4. Purposes

We use the data we receive from you for different purposes. Here you can read which purposes that are.

Delivery of your order: we use the data for handling your order. If you order something, you naturally want it to be delivered. It is also possible that we pass on the data to so-called ‘third parties’: all to ensure that your order is handled properly. (read THIRD PARTIES)

Advertising: We understand that you want to know about all the beautiful products we have. After permitting us, you can receive notifications of this through e-mail, via social media or even google ads.

Newsletter / SMS: It is also possible to register for our newsletter / SMS. This way you stay informed about our offers, promotions and news. Do you no longer wish to receive the newsletter / SMS? You can always unsubscribe via the link in any of our newsletters / SMS texts.

Questions: It is also possible that you have a question. About your order for example. You can ask this via a contact form. On this form, you will be asked to enter different details. Of course, you can choose which information you send us. This data is only retained for as long as necessary to fully answer the question. After all, we want to help you as well as possible.

Location data: In order to help you as well as possible, it is sometimes necessary for us to collect your location data (GPS). When we need this information, we ask you for permission.

5. Third parties
It is possible that we pass on the data to companies with which we cooperate, so-called ‘third parties’. These companies help us to properly handle your order.

5.1 Providers of navigation / mapping software such as Google Maps can store and process (location) data. It is also possible that the data is used by Google or Apple itself. We have no influence on this and refer you to the privacy statements of these companies if you require more information.

5.2 Whenever you place an order with us, or register as a customer, we will share the data linked to your username to third parties. We only do this if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement with us or if we are obliged to do so by law. For example, if we suspect that there is fraud or abuse of our webshop, we can pass on personal data to the competent authorities.

5.3 We want to make sure that you can use our website as optimally and personally as possible. We may use statistical services such as Google Analytics for this purpose. These services keep track of how you use our website. Of course, we have made strict agreements with these companies. For example, the IP address is anonymised. Do you want to know which of these services we use exactly? (Read Cookie Policy)

5.4 Our website occasionally contains links to other websites. We do not influence those other sites. We can not guarantee that these companies will handle the data just as safe as we do. We recommend that you first read the Privacy Statement of those sites before using them.

6. Third countries

Some of the companies we work with are based in a country outside the European Union. The regulations in these countries do not always provide the same protection of personal data as European regulations. We have therefore entered into agreements with these companies in which they commit themselves to take appropriate safety measures. This way the data is always well protected.


We use cookies. Everything to ensure that our website works well and that you can enjoy shopping. Do you want to know more about the cookies and how to turn them off? (Read Cookie Policy)

8. Changing the Privacy Statement

In order to inform you as well as possible about the use of the data, it may be that we sometimes have to adjust this Privacy Statement. We advise you to regularly read this Privacy Statement so that you are aware of any changes.

9. Viewing, changing, deleting data or other questions?

You can also send us a request to view, change, delete or transfer the data to you. For example, it is possible to check whether the data is correct. Do you want to know which data we use with your permission or do you want us to limit / stop the data processing? You can also request this. So you can always withdraw your permission for processing. If you want to know exactly how this works or have other questions about this Privacy Statement please let us know.

You can contact our data protection officer (DPO) for this. The DPO monitors and advises Secret Boudoir by Valois on the processing of personal data. You can reach the DPO by sending an e-mail to or sending a letter to:

Secret Boudoir by Valois
to Waneska Valois
68 Dame Street, 4th floor – D2

Dublin Ireland

10. Complaints?
Of course, we are happy to help you if you have a complaint about our processing of the personal data. However, you can also file a complaint with the so-called ‘Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados’, which supervises the processing of personal data in Portugal.

Cookies Policy
1. What are cookies?

The cookies we are talking about are less tasty and contain significantly fewer chocolate chips than the cookies that spring to mind but are as important to be aware of. Cookies are files that your computer, tablet or smartphone save while browsing the internet. These cookies can be read only by the website or application that saved them. These little files are, among other handy features, that allow you to browse a website without having to log in every time a page is loaded, for example.

2. What do cookies help with?

When you allow our website to use cookies each time you visit, you’re helping us achieve a few benefits for you:

• Faster, smoother browsing of our shops
• Ease of use; not having to re-enter any information repeatedly
• Additional features such as recently viewed products and shopping carts
• Measure how you interact with our shop so we can improve the experience for future visits
• Ensure the adverts you see on other mediums are relevant and interesting

3. What cookies do we use and why?

Session Cookies are cookies that are saved only for the duration of your session and are often essential to the operating of the website. Session cookies expire as soon as the session ends. Some functional cookies may also be session cookies. Session cookies can include, but are not limited to, ecommerce cart functionality, recently viewed products and faceted search features.

Persistent Cookies are cookies that last longer than the session on any of our applications. These cookies are often placed by third party applications that we work in conjunction with to provide an improved service. For example, cookies placed by our website testing software allows us to ensure you receive a continuous and consistent experience when using our website.

Examples of Persistent Cookies:

Analytical Cookies are cookies that allow us to see how you interact with our website so that we may provide a better shopping experience to you and others in the future.

For some of the information we collect, but not limited to, see below:

• Anonymised IP address
• Pseudonymised personal data
• Browser, browser version, device category, screen resolution, operating system
• From what page you visited our website, what pages you visit and how long your visit to our website lasts

Advertising Cookies allow us to display adverts that are relevant to your shopping experience with us. These cookies will tell us information such as:

• Which products you have viewed but not purchased
• How far through the shopping process you have reached
• Which adverts you have seen
• Which adverts you have interacted with
• Whether you have re-visited our website having seen or interacted with an advert

Can I opt out of cookie usage?

You can, if you wish, set your browser not to receive cookies with websites that you visit. Please be aware that websites you visit may not work as intended without these cookies. Follow the below instructions to delete any cookies currently saved on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Google Chrome
To delete any cookies saved by Google Chrome, click the button that has three lines or three dots, select History then select Clear Browsing Data, ensuring that cookies are deleted too.

Mozilla Firefox
To delete cookies and browsing history in Firefox, click the button with three lines, choosing Options, Privacy and Clear Your Recent History, ensuring cookies are deleted too.

To delete cookies and browsing history in Safari, in the top menu select Safari, Preferences, Privacy, Delete All Website Information.

Internet Explorer / Edge
To delete cookies and browsing history in Internet Explorer (Edge), click the gear icon at the top right of the browser. Select Internet Options, Browsing History Delete and ensure cookies are selected for deletion.

If you would like information regarding what data we currently hold for you, your account or your orders, or in the event of any issues regarding your personal data, please contact

The Small Print

Our promises:
• We will never collect sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) without your knowledge or consent.
• We employ security measures to protect your information from unauthorised access and to prevent loss, destruction or damage
• N.B. No online transmission is 100% safe, we take reasonable endeavours to protect your data but cannot offer a guarantee of security
• We will keep your information safe for as long as required by law, only disclosed in the event of a sale of any or all assets or requirements by law.
• You are entitled to receive a copy of any personal data we currently store. Please make a request to We will respond within 72 hours with all information we currently have.
• You are entitled to delete any and all personal data we currently hold in line with your ‘right to be forgotten’.
• If we make any substantial changes to our privacy policy, we will make reasonable attempts to notify you.