Bump Boudoir

I’ve been talking a lot about Boudoir Photography in general for a long time and the power it has on women’s lives, how it boosts anyone’s confidence, how important it is to create time for yourself and focus on you.
But I haven’t talked much about the Bump Boudoir. I’ve shown you photos of it, but we haven’t discussed it in more detail.

So I decided to write a blog post about it.
But first, let’s talk a bit about myself.. since the teen year I’ve been afraid of birth and pregnancy .. I know! It sounds crazy! haha I am a woman and I ‘shouldn’t’ feel that as society says women were born to have kids! But I believe not everyone was born to be a mom.. and maybe I am one of them. I am not afraid of changing my mind on the future and if I do so it will be fine, but I don’t need people telling me I am wrong. In my humble opinion, we know what’s best for ourselves!
BUT I think pregnancy is such an amazing and difficult thing to go through that makes me extra amazed by women’s power.
People.. a woman has another human being growing inside her .. Ohhhhh!!!
I know it’s nature, but it is a crazy concept to wrap my head around,
Don’t judge me!!! haha 😛

So because of all that admiration I have for all brave women who decide to live this magical moment I decided to add the Boudoir Bump to the services I offer since the beginning of my company.
The Boudoir Bump is for that powerful woman who feels she is still a sexy and beautiful woman even when she is pregnant.
It is for that woman who wants to register this incredible moment of her life with High-Quality photos to have around her house.
Or for that woman who wants to see beauty even tho, she doesn’t feel that good.
It can be done with lingerie, dresses, jeans, lace outfits and of course Nude.

Quick story for you:
I once had a client that she registered not getting photos of her first pregnancy so during her second pregnancy we created 4 different looks so she could show her daughters when they got older that she had photos of both pregnancies and because she had Irish twins her little girl was there and we created beautiful photos of them together. I wish I could show you the photos.
I know it’s funny, but she regretted so much that she is willing to live with that little white lie so her second daughter doesn’t feel left out.
So don’t regret… DO IT!!!
You should LIVE in photos and that shouldn’t be different during your pregnancy.
and remember you don’t stop being a sexy woman because you are pregnant. I know you might not feel sexy, but your sexiness is still there!!!!
*Photos from Susanne.