Bridal Boudoir: why brides should do Boudoir Photos ?

From a husband: ‘I was completely shocked because I never expected it. She looked absolutely stunning as I looked through the photos, they made me remember that I really am the luckiest man alive. It was the perfect gift’.


So there you have… one reason to do the Bridal Boudoir Photos, BUT besides the fact the photos are the perfect gift for your partner, which there is no doubt about it, this Photo Experience is mainly an opportunity for you, the bride, to register the amazing moment in YOUR life. Register the moment most women feel the prettiest, the happiest, the luckiest.

It’s an opportunity also to allow you to take a fresh and empowering look at yourself… see that you’re beauty and feel sexy!

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Another big reason is to take some time just for yourself. We all know planning a wedding can be very stressful and having a down time just for you is very important. This is your time to relax, to get pampered, it’s all about you! It’s time to get your Make up and Hair done by a professional, enjoy a glass of bubbly, eat some delicious chocolate and experience a boost of your confidence which will just make your wedding day an even better moment in your life.


Photos by Me – Secret Boudoir by Valois

Make up and Hair by Taina Vasconcelos

Bride Nat Pinto


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