‘Stay In’ Photo Sessions

woman posing at home during 'stay in' photo sessions

Boudoir Photo sessions are liberating and coronavirus isn’t going to stop that!

‘Stay in’ Photo Sessions was designed to bring a By Valois experience to the comfort of your home during coronavirus, lifting spirits, boosting confidence and giving back at the same time!

The difference is I won’t be in your house! I will be there virtually and the photos will be shot through your phone.

‘Stay in’ Photo Sessions by Valois are a chance to get your mind away from all the craziness that we are going through right now. It is also a chance to document your time alone and intimacy through photos.

As I always say, Boudoir Photography is a lot more than the photos and this art project really shows it. You will get that boost of confidence we all need right now!

woman working at home during 'stay in' photo sessions

What to expect:

– 30-45 minutes to feel present and feeling good about yourself
– Session fully directed by Waneska Valois including where to place your phone
– A chance to be part of a creative art project during this crazy time

– Due to the quality of the images, they lend themselves to a vintage aesthetic

– 10 digital photos (chance to buy extra if desire)
– Boost of confidence we all need right now!!

woman posing at home during 'stay in' photo sessions

How does it work?

You will receive a link by email just before your session (this step may vary when using FaceTime or Zoom). Once we get the device working I will see you (at your house) and you will see me (at my house).

I will ask you to show me around so I can see how is the light in your place and also possible spaces we will use. Usually a chair, a couch, a bed, the bathroom or even a blank wall…

Don’t worry if you have stuff lying around as we can move it during the session or they will add some character to the photo.

Once we decide the space we will use I will direct you where to place your phone and also direct you with poses that will flatter your body.

Please put aside few things we can use to hold the phone… from experience a big mug, Tupperware / boxes with some socks or a small tripod work best.

Don’t you know what to wear?

You can wear anything you want… or nothing at all! 😛 Try to think of outfits that goes well with your place, think about colors and let me know if you need help.

Can I have my partner or pet with me?

Yes!!! You can have your partner, pets or friends with you for your photo experience. It’s up to you. The virtual sessions with pets are extra funny (see below to understand. :p

Is this a substitute to the normal session at your space?

No! There is no way you can compare with the normal session in person at my space with the hair, make up included, the chats and the 2h we spend creating photos BUT this is a very different and fun experience specially during quarantine times.

couple posing at home during 'stay in' photo sessions

‘Stay In’ Photo Sessions €30 – 30min session – 10 Digital Photos

€15 from each session will be donated to www.womensaid.ie which helps stop domestic violence in Ireland.

To book a session please go to https://boudoir.ie/product/stay-in-photo-sessions/

woman and her dog posing at home during 'stay in' photo sessions

“Super idea by Waneska to create photos of people in their personal space during lockdown! I really enjoyed the experience, the photos looked great. I even used one for my website! 🧡” Fiona English

Terms and Conditions

  • You must have a cell phone, iPad or laptop, but it works better with a phone.
  • You must have wi-fi (it works better than 4G).
  • Because of the technology the photos will be Web Resolution and with a Vintage/Film fell to it.
  • Virtual shoot has to be done within 1 months from the date of purchase.
  • You can buy a ‘Stay in Photo Session’ and gift to someone else.